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The kind of monster in cautionary fairy tales who reward the kind and deserving, but devour those who treat others poorly.


*lies down and sobs this is the best and beautiful omg yes yes yes yesssssssss*

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I can see you as a vampire, because they have to be invited into people's homes; they have to have consent. They're typically very attractive too. So yeah. That you.

Eeeeeeeee!!!!! Omg omg omg love that reasoning!

*flails and rolls around and fondly remembers all the hilarious home-entering gags from Buffy and Angel*

I would miss garlic

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A really adorable werewolf? You could paint your claws is what I'm thinking

Omg I would be the cutest fucking were ever with dyed fur and varnished nails (and now I miss my adorable Balance Worgen Druid bb)

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” Please take care of yourself! ”


” Please take care of yourself! ”

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INFP, the Healer


As a variant of Plato’s Idealists and Aristotle’s Ethicists, the INFPs are little different from other NFs in most respects. Like all the Idealists they are abstract in. communicating and cooperative in implementing goals. They want to learn about the humanities, are preoccupied with morale, and work well with personnel. In orientation they are altruistic, credulous, mystical, situated on pathways, and with their eye on tomorrow. They base their self-image on being seen as empathic, benevolent, and authentic. Often enthusiastic, they trust intuition, yearn for romance, seek identity, prize recognition, and aspire to the wisdom of the sage. Intellectually, they are prone to practice diplomacy far more than strategy, logistics, and especially tactics. Further, with their probing or exploring nature they lean more toward the Advocate’s informative role than the scheduling Mentor’s directive role. And because of their seclusiveness and reserve they seem to care more to be a Healer of conflicts than a people’s Champion.

- David Keirsey, Please Understand Me II

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today is my adopted sibling’s birthday, they are 18 today which means I can start searching for them. I want to find my sibling!

Please message me if your birthday is 9/30/1996

Your given name by your parents is Patrick

Your parents names are Marguerite and Denis (variation there of) I know that the mother was irish and had many siblings

If you were born at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn NY

The adoption took place october 7 1996

The name on your birth certifricate was Steven Michael King

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so I was reading the TV Tropes page for Advent Children and figured out why the characterization is so off in FF7 fic (specifically Cloud's sense of humor)

I’m almost afraid to ask.

I don’t actually read him as being too hilarious, but rather as a big shy dorky nerd - which is different from a stick in the mud, as you previously mentioned people doing. “Let’s mosey” is completely legit to me, he is actually just that uncool. He has a sense of humor, but he’s more quiet about it because he’s a friggin’ dork. He was the quiet shy kid that nobody liked and good gravy his shy little self in Crisis Core, I can’t see him as anything but and awkward little choco-butt.

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Glorfindel pouncing on Eowyn after the War :P

(for anyone unaware, Glorfindel was the one to make the original prophecy of ‘not by the hand of man shall he fall’ concerning the witch-king)

(can someone write this please? like - glorfindel coming with the delegation from rivendell to minas tirith for the coronation and he goes to find the person who fulfilled his thousand-year-old prediction and boom it’s this awesome gal and hobbit duo)

I did a thing. 

  “By whose hand was the King of Angmar undone?”
    The voice was soft, yet carried through the din of the Great Hall as if it were a trumpet-blast. Conversation, laughter, tales of heroism, all faded as the guests looked to the speaker.
    He was an Elf, one of the company brought by Elrond from Rivendell, of course, and tall and fair, and gentle of glance, yet from him a power radiated, greater than all those assembled, save perhaps Gandalf. His long hair, unbound save by a silver fillet, was as hammered gold, and his eyes grey as the sea. He smiled easily, bemused by the sudden reverence of the assembly, and raised a hand in greeting and supplication.
    “Please I mean no offence, but I wish to know who ended the torment of that wracked soul.”
    On the dias, to the right of Éomer-King, Éowyn stood, and met the gaze of the Elf. “It was I, Lord, though help was given to me by the bravest rider I knew on the Pelennor. Rise Meriadoc, and we shall meet this Elf-Lord together.”
    Merry looked to Éowyn and back to the unnamed Elf. The bravest rider on the Pelennor? He hardly felt it, but his Lady called for his service, and he was an Knight of the Mark, and could not deny her.
    “Of course, my lady,” he said as he stood. Beside him, Pippin was looking from his friend to the Elf Lord and back.
    “Good luck, Merry,” he whispered as he plucked a piece of fruit from Merry’s plate.
    “Thanks, Pip. And leave some for me - I’m only on my second dish.”

    Éowyn and Merry walked to the Elf, bowing in reverence to him, and returning his smile. He looked at them both and laughed, a clear, light sound that brightened the hall. “Never did I imagine on that day with Ëarnur by my side that I would meet those who put my prophecy true! I am Glorfindel,” he said as he bowed to Éowyn and Merry, “And I am humbled to be in your presence.”

bifca replied to your post: “tweak-girl replied to your post: “Final Fantasy 6, Almighty Johnsons,…”:

depends on the author. She’s pretty much ignored, although I have seen a couple of fic mischaracterize her to make her seem more unlikeable

That’s essentially what I had assumed was going on from the bits and pieces I’ve managed to pick up.

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Some more dwarf ladies. Cause dwarf ladies are super cool.
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always reblog the Lady Dwarves!



Some more dwarf ladies. Cause dwarf ladies are super cool.

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always reblog the Lady Dwarves!

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So I blame you entirely for the fact that I was up until 5am reading :p. I started reading 'The Return' a few days ago when you rec'd it, and it was ok at first. Kinda slow to grab me. Then last night I hit the final 15-20 chapters and couldn't stop. I have to read 'Reconciliation' now I guess. It's also making me want to re-read my old LoZ faves.

Hhahahahah I TOLD YOU

It’s true, Rose was very young as a writer when she started (she hates the start now too *pets*) but once she hits her stride she is a goddess in action and now you need to go read Rec and get caught up with the rest of us poor losers that are made up of tears and pain and love of the suffering.


don’t use uteruses as symbol for feminism ok

here’s why:

  • you’re excluding trans women
  • you’re including some trans men
  • you’re excluding cis women who may not have a uterus because they’ve lost it because of or to avoid #cancer

stop doing this it’s so gross

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A comiXologist Recommends:
Kate Kasenow recommends Thor #1

I will be the first to admit that Thor has never been one of my faves. That isn’t to say I didn’t like him, just that he’d never done anything to show up on my radar. Then came Thor: The Mighty Avenger, from Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee (chrissamnee), and I was intrigued. Shortly after, the Thor movie debuted, with all its wit and charm. The final straw however, was the release of Thor: God of Thunder, written by Jason Aaron with lead artist Esad Ribic. This series literally combined the past, present, and future of Thor to expose not only a powerfully endearing god, but also the struggle of a hero to be worthy. It’s a truly compelling series that you should definitely read and it’s the series that’s lead me here today…to tell you about the old Thor and the new.

Written once more by the incredible Jason Aaron and illustrated by the shining talents of Russell Dauterman (russelldauterman) and colored by the continuously brilliant Matt Wilson, Thor #1 starts out not at the beginning but at the end of the Odinson’s tale. Having been mysteriously deemed unworthy by his enchanted hammer, he is distraught and rushes headlong into a situation he probably shouldn’t. Old enemies are stirring and war is afoot in Midgard and the Thor we knew has lost his way. But, as the unknown figure in the last pages of the comic says, “There must always be a Thor.”

So at last we come to it. Our new Thor may still be a mystery, but it’s obvious that she’s ready to take over for the Odinson while he rediscovers what it means to be worthy.

There’s been much controversy surrounding the shift from the male Odinson to a female Thor, but what really matters is knowing will always be at least one deity ready to hit frost giants in the face with a hammer at the drop of a prayer.

[Read Thor #1 on comiXology]

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology  as a Lead Digital Editor and spends most of her spare time re-reading J. R. R. Tolkien.

Thor #1 is finally here and so is my review!

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